Heather Campbell

This is far from over… just so you fucking know. I have no idea what control you have over Katie but now it’s my turn to play with the court system. My turn to show you what happens when you lie and lie and lie. You being the “Christian” you are, you know your Jesus has a special place for you.

I think Heather has “left the building”, now personally I’m hoping she has COVID and on a ventilator gasping for air but I’m sure that’s not the case but if the search continues I’ll post this in case anyone is looking for her.

Heather Campbell aka “stupid cunt”
1280 Brussel Rd NE
Carrollton, OH 44615
Hm: 330-627-0813 C: 330-324-6574

And before you freak the fuck out you stupid cunt, you posted your resume online for the entire world to see: https://www.slideshare.net/HeatherCampbell11/heather-campbell-resume-with-skills

as I say… stupid Twat, stupid Cunt, welcome to the Internet… or as Katie should have told you… my fucking world. I asked her to “play nice” I asked her “not to do stupid shit” I asked her “not to drag my name” but you convinced her to do all of the above… so she went nuclear. If she would have done shit my way this would have been over & she would have been 100% intact with more to spare but NO, you told her to do this shit, now she’s going to lose so much. Maybe her job next (just received my response from the Comptroller of the Currency) this shit gonna get real. Right up until the “yelling & hand gestures” throwing me in jail I had told my attorney to give everything I got back to her no matter what I got… yep, I’m the narcissist asshole, always having her best interest at heart even after she walked out on me with your advice. So now you stupid cunt, I do hope you lost your fucking job & I look forward to your next job. I’m also not sure what I’m going to do about Matty, since you decided to fuck up my life, my wife’s life, my daughter’s life and all of the things associated with it because you thought you were so fucking smart.

Seriously, WTF happened? I really wish I knew, funny how things change. I really hope Karma bit you in the ass for what you did to me, my kid & my family.

For someone that’s work “history” was normally about 3 years at any one job I guess this one at FFCB has just about run its course anyway. I wonder what now is going to happen to Katie now that you have also ruined her life? How about her daughter? Possibly you should have stayed out of other people’s lives and just lived your own… oh well, too late now.